USB to RS232 converter

Why build my own USB to RS232 converter when there are adapters already available from many suppler?

The Answer is simple:
Neither the strand "USB to RS232 converter" actually worked *properly* with all the devices I tried. But, They did not seem to support ALL the RS232 lines.
The USB to RS232 converter using the FT8U232AM and a Maxim-IC MAX235

The FT8U232AM requires a small number of external components to produce a device that converts USB to TTL level RS232 signals. All you need to add is a TTL to RS232 converter to provide the 12V RS232 logic levels.

The FT8U232AM and supporting components is also available as a complete module - called a USBMOD1 - in a 32pin DIL IC package, making the whole project very easy to build.

Distributor information for the USBMOD1 is mentioned later.

The photo of finished Adapter:

Part's list:
กด   Vero board
กด   DB9 male socket
กด   2 x 100ohm resistors
กด   1uF Electrolytic Capacitor (16VW or higher).
กด   3mm RED LED
กด   3mm GREEN LED
กด   MAX235 Integrated Circuit
กด   USBMOD1 Hybrid Module

Circuit Diagram:

Window device driver:

Linux Device driver: