We also provide other hardware with complete Internet/Intranet remote control software tool for more function availability.

Decision Industrial Interface

The Decision Industrial Interface was created to provide a standard way to access the functionality provided by all data acquisition products.

Decision Industrial Control

Develop a program controlling the Industrial digital and analog cards remotely at any part of the world using the Internet technology! Done it in your application program or via Internetbrowser! It extends Decision Industrial Interface from single computer development environment to client-server development environment.

Remote Voice

Long distance call will not be expensive as before. There is no cheaper way to talk to your 00friend from another country than to talk through Internet! And the good news is that you can develop your own software with Remote sound!

Remote Chat

This development tool is used for chatting / communicating with another computer in the Internet / Intranet.

Remote White Board

This development tool uses client íV server remote drawing board, every client can shared their image drawn on server drawing board.

Remote Image Capture

This development tool allows you to capture images taken from the CCD camera via Internet.


This development tool make it possible for you to make a program that check if your still connected to the network or internet and check the speed of the response of your connection!

Internet Location Server

This development tool is used to find an IP address of a particular client / computer in the Internet by just specifying its email address!

Remote Access Server

This development tool use to dial-up like and phone dialer technology, able to dial an ISP and monitor some of some IP address on network.