Welcome to the Decision PCCOM PCI cards series. This series enables you to utilize the built in plug and play functionality of Windows NT, combined with the power of PCI based serial communication.

F.1 Installation

  1. For optimum PnP functionality, please install one card at a time.
  2. Unplug your PC, open it and install one Decision PCCOM PCI card.
  3. Start your computer and wait until Windows NT is loaded.
  4. Insert the device driver CD into your computer. The CD is auto run, so you just wait until Decision Studio Applet appears.
  5. Click ˇ§Device Driveˇ¨ button, ˇ§Windows Operating Systemˇ¨ then a selection of windows operating system platform appears.
  6. Click ˇ§Windows NTˇ¨ |button to view the device list of different hardware products.
  7. Select ˇ§PCCOM Multi Port Serial Cardˇ¨. Install Shield will do installation, for you just click ˇ§Nextˇ¨ When windows prompts you to resume installation procedure.
  8. To configure, go to [Control Panel]\[Decision PCCOM Adapters]. Click the ˇ§+ˇ¨ of the card you want configure, then select which COM port you want to set.

F.2 Remove Ports

Go to [Control Panel]\[Ports] then select what you want to remove and click ˇ§Deleteˇ¨ to remove ports.

F.3 Uninstall

Enter [Control Panel]\[Decision PCCOM Adapter], and click [Completely Remove Driver]ˇ@