Welcome to the Decision PCCOM PCI cards series. This series enables you to utilize the built in plug and play functionality of Windows 2000, combined with the power of PCI based serial communication. During the boot-up of Windows 2000 the hardware will be automatically detected by the WINDOWS 2000, just ignore this dialog box by clicking cancel and during login, use the administrator user name for installation

E.1 Installation

  1. For optimum PnP functionality, please install one card at a time.
  2. Unplug your PC, open it and install one Decision PCCOM PCI card.
  3. Start your computer and wait until Windows 2000 is loaded.
  4. Windows 2000 will detect the new PCI card that is installed in your computer, and will prompt you for a proper driver.
  5. Insert the device driver CD into your computer, and make sure Windows 2000 finds the drivers by eventually browsing through the directory structure of the CD.
  6. After installing the core device drivers for the PCI card, Windows 2000 will detect and install software for each COM port on the card.
  7.  After Windows 2000 has detected and configured all ports, you may begin using the PCI card. Inside the Control Panel, you will see the Icon of Decision PCCOM Adapters, indicating that the driver has been successfully installed..
  8. Double click the Icon Decision PCCOM Adapters, another window will appear on screen and will display an installed card with corresponding COM port
If you need install more than one card, please run above procedure again. Never try to install 2 or more cards at the same time for you will have errors in installation.

Be aware of the cable designation. If you are using 8 port or 8 cables, cable no. 1 is assign as COM 3 cable no. 2 is for COM 4, cable no 3. is for COM 5.

E.2 Remove Ports

  1. Go to [Control Panel Applet]\[Decision PCCOM Adapters].
  2. Select the port you want to remove then press "Remove Port" to
delete specified port. Reboot for changes to take effect.