Welcome to the Decision PCCOM PCI cards series. This series enables you to utilize the built in plug and play functionality of Windows 95/98, combined with the power of PCI based serial communication.

D.1 Installation

  1. For optimum PnP functionality, please install one card at a time.
  2. Unplug your PC, open it and install one Decision PCCOM PCI card.
  3. Start your computer and wait until Windows 95/98 is loaded.
  4. Windows 95/98 will detect the new PCI card that is installed in your computer, and will prompt you for a proper driver.
  5. Insert the device driver CD into your computer, and make sure Windows 95/98 finds the drivers by eventually browsing through the directory structure of the CD.
  6. After installing the core device drivers for the PCI card, Windows 95/98 will detect and install software for each COM port on the card. This may take 5 to 10 seconds per port.
  7. After Windows 95/98 has detected and configured all ports, you may begin using the PCI card. To verify that the installation process completed successfully, please proceed into the Control Panel / System / Device Manager.
  8. Locate the additional COM ports in the ports section.
If you need install more than one card, please run above procedure again. Never try to install 2 or more cards at the same time for you will have errors in installation.

D.2 Remove Ports

  1. Go to [Control Panel Applet]\[System]\[Device Manager]\[Ports].
Select the port you want to remove then press "Remove" to delete specified port. Reboott for changes to take effect.