B.1 PCCOM Software

The PCCOM software is a high performance, easy to use RS232/RS422 device driver for PC/486, Pentium or compatibles. Under MS/DOS environment, you can set up your serial ports by PCCOM device driver, and these serial ports can be treated as COM1: and COM2: devices. The setup procedure provides flexible functions to specify the configuration of multi-serial card, that is, the hardware configurations of I/O port number, I/O port address, interrupt and interrupt vector are user selectable.

After the device driver is installed, It takes over communication between CPU and multi-serial cards such as four port card, eight port card, ... etc. For each I/O port, the service routine handles a ring buffer to keep track of all I/O data. Moreover, the PCCOM software provides library routines (C, PASCAL, BASIC, FoxPro) and DOS communication interface (DOS device driver, BIOS call) for several access levels.

&  For more details, please refer PCCOM manual.

B.2 Software Installation

When the board is installed, please install software drivers as follows:

       STEP 1:Prepare PCI.OPT file

       The PCI.OPT file contents are :



/P:[:8:(2k:9600:N-8-1:RTS+DTR:XON) * 8]

       STEP 2: Prepare CONFIG.SYS file

       Insert statement into CONFIG.SYS file

        For normal speed

DEVICE = PCCOM.SYS @c:\pci.opt

        For high speed

DEVICE = PCCOMH.SYS @c:\pci.opt

       The syntax of PnP function is


The Card_id field is defined as 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or nil, if you use PnP mode, just fill nil in card_id field that like step 1, otherwise you can specify card_id to match the card identifier switch. The Portno field is used to specify number of ports in this adapter. The Port field is defined as PCCOM V2.0.

If more than one PCCOM board is installed, Please repeat directive /P of the step 1.