6.1  DB25 Connector

The communication interface follows the EIA RS232 standard. The signal assignments for a standard DB25 connector are shown below:

To connect the PCCOM 8 port adapter to other DATA TERMINAL EQUIPMENT (DTE) devices, we recommend using a DTE to DTE connection as shown below:



6.2 Null Modem Connections: RS232

If the software supplier or operating system does not sspecify a particular cable configuration, we recommend you use the following "null modem" cable when XON/XOFF is utihized.

6.3 Modem Connections

A straight through cable is required, e.g. pin 2 to pin 2, pin 3 to pin 3, etc.

6.4 DB9 Connector

The signal assignments for a standard DB9 connector are shown below: