last updated November 1, 2001
The PCCOM PCI bus 2 port adapter is an 32 bits PCI bus board with Plug and Play (PnP) features, it provides two asynchronous serial communication ports (RS232 or RS422/RS485), which link the computer and serial peripheral devices such as terminals, modems, serial printers, plotters, ... etc.

The PCCOM PCI bus 2 port adapter is particularly suited to facilitate the connection of terminals (VDUs) in multi-user operating systems. The PCCOM board may be installed in any Pentium or hardware compatible systems. The PnP features let hardware configuration for IRQ and I/O address is detected by BIOS automatically, you donít need set switch and jumper.

The features of the PCCOM PCI bus 2 port adapter are:

*32 bit PCI bus with Plug and Play (PnP) features.
*Two RS232 ports or RS422/RS485 ports for asynchronous communications.
*Suitable for SCO UNIX, Linux, MS/DOS, WINDOWS NT/2000, WINDOWS 95/98/ME, OS/2... etc.
*Pentium hardware compatibles.
*Baud rate up to 115200 for normal speed mode and up to 460K for high speed mode.
*Provides 16550 port that contains 16 bytes FIFO for each port.
*Up to 4 boards be installed in one computer system.
*Software compatible with PCCOM98/2000.
*Operating temperature 0 to 60